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Eshel Faraggi
Staff Scientist, RIS, LLC
Adjunct Professor, Dept of Physics, IUPUI
Ph.D., University of Texas, 2003

1620 E 72ND ST Indianapolis, IN 46240
TEL: (317) 565-3783
FAX: (317) 587-0063
E-Mail@ e f a r a g g i @ g m a i l . c o m
My areas of expertise are from the fields of complex systems. They include: (1) Ferromagnetism of Ising systems and ultrathin surfaces. (2) Light tissue interaction, with special focus on laser absorption by the retinal pigment epithelium and melanosomes. (3) Predictions of protein structure (secondary and tertiary) based on amino acid sequence information. Predicting protein sequence based on structure, protein design. Intrinsically disordered proteins. Protein configuration spaces. (4) Chaotic systems, focusing on modeling and characterization. Other problems in biological and/or complex systems are of interest to me, for example cell division and machine learning. I am a contributing member of both the American and the Israeli Physical Societies.

Curriculum Vitae      Research Synopsis


Teaching Experience:

Physical Science (PS303) Mechanics and Heat
2000 -- 2002

Electromagnetism Lab (102N)
1996 -- 2003

Research Experience:

UT Austin: Ferromagnetism
1998 -- 2003

FIU Miami: Melanosome's laser absorption characteristics
2003 -- 2006

IUPUI Indianapolis: Protein structure prediction
2006 -- Present
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