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eshel Faraggi
welcome to my humble site. i have tried to keep this start page as simple as possible but some links from here will take you to more complex pages. Please support free software and use Netscape 4 or later (at least until aol changes the game). if you came in on the wings of microsoft please don't blame me if you have problems (probably wont). If you came from and like me, don't appreciate all these annoying adverses, click me . as you can guess i am NOT a staunch capitalist. after my contact information you can find links to the open pages on my site. ENJOY, IDF radio.
Physics Department Office : RLM 8.305
C1600 OLD Office Hours: (Spring) Th 4:00-5:00
University of Texas Phone: (512) 795-9090
Austin, TX 78712 Compliments

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